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Jerome Hester, M.D.

Dr. Jerome Hester obtained his training in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at Stanford University which included working under Drs. Robert Riley and Nelson Powell, world leaders in the treatment of sleep apnea. After establishing a successful private practice in Otolaryngology he joined Drs. Riley and Powell in 2001 continuing his comprehensive treatment of sleep disorders, but also providing excellence in sinus disease as well as other disorders of the head and neck.

Dr. Hester provides a style of practice that allows sufficient time for a complete review of the patient?s history and a thorough examination. After an assessment of all the information, a comprehensive outline of all treatment options is discussed with the patient and questions answered to their satisfaction. Only then is a treatment plan determined. This includes the latest medical management as well as innovative procedural and surgical techniques.

This desire for optimizing care led Dr. Hester to co-found SinuSys Corporation, which provides a simple, minimally invasive treatment for sinusitis.

Dr. Hester has published in numerous peer reviewed journals and has lectured widely in the United States and internationally.

Dr. Hester is devoted to his pediatric and adult patients. He looks forward to assisting you and your family members for a comprehensive review of all options for ear, nose and throat issues. Please contact the office where our excellent staff is available to assist you in scheduling your consultation.

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