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Each year, hundreds of patients visit our clinic from across the world with the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Frequently, we are asked if our services can be found closer to home. To understand how specialized our services are, there are several facts to consider:

  • Total number of US adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: 18 million
  • Percentage of patients who have surgery each year for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: 0.2% (or 2 per 1,000 patients per year)

We have found this number to be so low for two main reasons:

(1) Patients are not offered surgery
Surgery is performed in few places around the US and knowledge of procedures that cure OSA is poor. In many situations, Medical Doctors who fit CPAP and BiPAP machinery do not inform patients of surgical options and / or discourage patients to consider it. In some cases, patient fears are exploited to prevent any investigation into surgical options.

(2) Patients are told surgery does not work
As you see from the data below, the vast majority of patients who select surgery are treated with Uvolo - palatopharyngoplasty (UPPP - see other locations in our website for details of this procedure). Other procedures are needed either at the time of UPPP or at a later time to cure OSA in a larger percentage of patients. Over 90% of Surgeons who treat OSA stop at UPPP due to the fact they do not perform other procedures listed below. At CSI, UPPP is part of our Level 1 treatment protocol. For patients visiting our clinic, exact and expert anatomic and functional assessment will determine which of the procedures listed below are needed to alleviate OSA.

We invite you to peruse the large amount of literature our Surgeons have generated proving that these procedures work. In several instances, our Surgeons “invented” the procedures listed and have described them in publications.

Please keep in mind OSA treatment in children is even more specialized and seen daily in the clinic at CSI.

California Sleep Institute ... Where Surgery Works for Sleep Apnea


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